Shareholder Agreements

Share holder agreements

Are you investing in a business, partnership or trust?

Negotiating the terms of shareholder agreements can be very time consuming and difficult as there are a lot of matters to consider.

We are able to better advise you in relation to your governance of business relationships and arrangements, detailing rights and responsibilities of parties to meet and protect your interests.

Common Issues Between Shareholders Include

o How can liability be shared between shareholders and investors?
o Who will decide on how profits are distributed?
o Who will fund the business?
o What happens if shareholders cannot agree in making a decision? How can disputes be resolved?
o How are voting powers distributed and how will binding decisions be made?
o How will mandatory meetings be held and how often?
o Ending the business? What can you do if you decide to sell the business? Is the death of an investor the end of the business and what does this mean for remaining investors? How can shareholders leave or exit the business and how?
o Can control be passed from one shareholder to another?

Our lawyers understand that there is no business or shareholder agreement that is entirely the same and agreements must be tailor made in a manner that suits your specific requirements. We speak your language and achieve your better outcome.