Tourist Visa

Tourist visa

600 Visitor Subclass The 600 Visitor Visa lets you visit or travel to Australia for business purposes. The visa allows up to three, six or twele months.

676 Tourist Visa, the 600 visa lets you travel to Australia for up to twelve months to tour or visit friends and Australia.

Tourist visa – Why see Australia?

Oh, the wine! – Australia has been producing tasty wines for over a century and the best place to drink up the tradition is in the Clare Valley in South Australia

The beaches range from EPIC… to DOWNRIGHT heavenly. – see the Twelve Apostles in Victoria

Sydney Harbor – Ok, ok…it might be cliché, but no one who has ever laid eyes on the Sydney Harbor at sunset has ever been anything but stunned.

The Tropical Forests the coast of Queensland couldn’t be more different than your imagination. Queensland is home to ancient forests, green islands, and stunning parks like Daintree National Park, a vast stretch of ferny jungles, steamy hot springs, and tropical waterfalls

The Jumping “Crocodile Cruise” is an actual thing. If you pay a visit to the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park (a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site), don’t miss a Jumping Crocodile Cruise on the Adelaide River.