300 Prospective Marriage Visa, allows people to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse. The Prospective Marriage visa is a temporary visa which allows the visa holder to enter Australia on the condition that they marry their fiancé, fiancée or de facto partner and then apply for a residence visa onshore.
If you are engaged to be married, you must be able to demonstrate that you plan to get married in Australia or abroad during the validity of the visa.
The Department of Immigration & Border Protection has specified various eligibility criteria which need to be met in order to make a successful application.
The information provided below should give you a general indication of how the Prospective Marriage visa works.

The applicant:
1. is required to enter Australia before you marry your fiancé
2. may work or study in Australia, however you will not receive government funding for study fees
3. will have access to Australia’s health care scheme, however this is only valid if you are in Australia and you have applied for a partner visa
4. may apply for a Partner visa, after you have married your fiancé
5. may enter and leave Australia as many times as you like within 9 months of the visa being granted

Note: applicants do not gain automatic rights to permanent residency as a partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. You will need to apply for a permanent visa if you wish to reside in Australia permanently.
Similar to any other application, you need a valid passport or other travel document for this visa. If you plan to get a new passport, you should do so before applying for your visa. If you get a new passport after you have lodged your application, you will need to notify your lawyers or migration agents as well as the department of immigration and border protection.