132 Business Talent Visa

132 Business Talent Visa


This visa is available for high-calibre business people who have a genuine commitment to operate a business in Australia and also has two main streams

  • Significant Business History Stream; This visa provides permanent residence status at the first stage. You must be nominated by the Government of Western Australia to apply for this visa. Applications are made on a case by case basis. State Nomination criteria includes:
  • You have maintained at least a 30 per cent ownership share (or 10 per cent where the business is a publicly listed company) and directly managed a business which had turnover of at least A$3,000,000 for two of the last four fiscal years;
  • Your net assets in business were at least A$400,000 for two of the last four fiscal years;
  • You must maintain a substantial ownership interest in your proposed business activity in Western Australia;

You will meet the business investment, employment creation and purchase of a residence as agreed in your State nomination agreement with the government of Western Australia, at time of Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Venture Capital Stream; Ideally, these individuals should have appropriate background in the area in which VC funding is sought which could be evidenced through tertiary qualification, business ownership, and/or patents for invention held in other countries; The VC investment must have been raised from funds that are not connected with the individuals seeking the VC funding and Individuals should not just be employees of a company/business. They should be genuinely interested and skilled in managing/owning the business.