Immigration is a complex area of law, with many of the rules and regulations changing and developing frequently.

Our areas of expertise range from completing relatively straightforward visa applications to undertaking complicated applications requiring detailed arguments and submissions.

We prepare reviews to the Migration Review Tribunal and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, as well as lodging submissions for Ministerial Intervention Requests.

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What We Offer

Complete Visa Processing
It is important to get things right the first time, not the second time.
  • What we promise in handling all our clients applications are;
    • RIGHT strategy, we care that you have made the right application, the right choice in which application to make and the steps are needed for your successful application.
    • RIGHT lodgment, lodging forms, without careful consideration of the consequences, is a recipe for disaster. It is crucial to know what can go wrong. We are certain to make the right lodgment for your circumstances, at the right time
    • RIGHT submission, our lawyers understand that no two cases are the same. Despite competent advice and complete documentation, a decision maker still needs to be persuaded. The right submissions significantly increase the likelihood of visa success.
    • RIGHT time, the right application lodged at the wrong time is no good.
DIY Solutions
  • Would you rather complete the application yourself? After completing your application, our lawyers can check it for you before you file it.
  • Our experience and testimonials have shown that for those who do not wish to consult a migration agent, having a second opinion to look over their application can bring a lot of peace of mind.
  • Has anything gone wrong with your visa application? If you are already in hot water, Mukushi legal can review the outcome of your application and help you better understand it.
  • Has your application been rejected or declined? On your behalf, our team attends to Migration Review Tribunal (‘MRT’), the Refugee Review Tribunal (‘RRT’), the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (‘AAT’) or any necessary Federal Court Review