Right loan, Right Lender at the Right Time
Borrowing money can come with terrible consequences should you fail to repay the money back with the interest. Understanding that loans are way more than borrowing and repayments is essential for your business.


Your main considerations in any loan arrangement must cover

  1. Is this the best loan option for me?
  2. Is this the best lender for my business?
  3. Who is borrowing the money? Is it you, your business or a combination of both?
  4. Is the borrower then the most appropriate for tax and any risk issues?
  5. How much interest will be charged on your loan? Is it the correct amount and can it be changed?
  6. What happens if the borrower delays repayments or fails to ever repay the loan? What can the lender do to you in that situation?
  7. Who is the security provider under the loan? And what security is the lender undertaking and is it adequate?
  8. Will the lender require any special guarantee?
  9. Does your loan agreement come with any special conditions and how do these affect you?

Our team of friendly lawyers can assist you to

  1. review your lenders loan agreement and help you better understand any important terms including non-standard terms as well
  2. review any security documents that your lender may have asked of you
  3. negotiate any terms of your loan that you are uncomfortable with and
  4. satisfy your lenders requirements by providing you with a certificate of legal advice


If you are a lender, it is almost critical for you to obtain legal advice when drafting your loan agreements so that you are protected and cover all necessary terms and conditions of your loan.We prepare security documents including but not limited to mortgages, general security deeds, deeds over all assets or specific assets of the borrower or a third party security provider and third party and director’s guarantees.If for any unfortunate circumstance during the life of the loan the borrower’s circumstances change, assistance with varying the loan agreement can allow for more money to be advancedOnce your loan is repaid, we prepare all necessary release documents.