Years Of Conveyancing Experience Tailored To Assist Clients In The Most Supportive Way.

We pride ourselves on our fixed fee conveyancing services. Our clients have commented on how comforting it is to work with a firm that has enough experience to quote the price of a transaction upfront and stick to it.

Generally speaking the conveyancing process involves the transfer the legal title or ownership of land and any improvements on that land, from one party to another.

This is usually carried out by a seller and a buyer entering into a contract of sale (“contract”), which sets out all the terms of the agreement in writing. There are occasions where a contract is not used, such as property transfers between family members.

Once the buyer and seller have both agreed to all the terms of the contract, the contract is signed.

If your contract is subject to finance, it is important to ensure your finance is formally approved within the time-frame specified in your contract.

It is important to ensure that you have paid the deposit by the due date.

Just prior to settlement the buyer should carry out a final inspection on the property to ensure that there is no damage and they are happy and ready to settle. On the day of settlement the buyer will pay the balance of the purchase price (plus rates, taxes etc) for the property to the seller, and the keys and title deed are made available to the buyer.

Between the contract date and settlement we will attend to the preparation for settlement on your behalf, and we will ensure that all documents have been prepared and executed correctly, that all the money is correct and that everything is in order. We will then telephone or email you to advise that settlement has occurred.

The current Title Deed is then forwarded to the Land Titles Office to advise of the change of ownership and then a new Title Deed is issued in the name of the new owner. If there is a bank involved, the bank will retain the Title Deed and register the mortgage on the Title Deed. The bank will retain the Title Deed until you pay out your loan.

A big Deal for you and for us too. 

Buying property is the most significant purchase in most peoples’ lives. For a lot of clients it often triggers their first interaction with lawyers.  We settle conveyancing matters nearly every day and have all the skills and experience to hold your hand through the process. Our open communication channels policy also means you’re able to ask us questions along the way. No query is too trivial. Allow us to manage the conveyancing of your purchase for you.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing an existing home, off the plan, or a block of land, we know how to protect your investment.  Mukushi Legal will review a Contract of Sale and Section 32  before your purchase is complete and manage the process from the .

We will identify and explain any tax implications, restrictive covenants, easements, and building considerations, including soil type (if appropriate), before the transaction goes through.

We can also help with introductions to finance brokers, communication with Real Estate Agents and Banks or other Lenders, making the transaction and the move as easy and as trouble free as possible.

Your Eye Is On The Horizon. Ours Are On Your Sale.

When you sell your property, there is a lot of paperwork and you are responsible for its accuracy.  Any misrepresentation, accidental or otherwise, could result in the collapse of your sale, leaving you with agent fees and no sale.

For most laypeople, the prospect of sourcing, reviewing and preparing documents, with potentially significant liability risks, is a daunting prospect. For us, it is our business.  Let us make things easy for you.

Mukushi Legal will prepare your contract and all supporting Vendor Disclosure Requirements.  This includes preparation of your Section 32 Statement, addressing road access, planning restrictions, zoning, council rates and notices.

Because we know what to look for, we will identify – and avoid – common conveyance risks that could jeopardise your sale.  And we will negotiate the terms of sale with the buyer’s solicitor and strive to get you the best outcome possible.